Coworking in Horsham

As a freelancer in the web industry, I worked from home for quite a few years. However, there was a thing called coworking that I liked to do now and again and there weren't any free, cheap, flexible coworking spaces or groups in Horsham (West Sussex) where I live.

So, that's why I started one.

I thought it might only be a casual thing. Or, it might get more 'serious' with a permanent space in the future (it did!)

So, what happened?

A coworking jelly meet-up was held on Wednesday 28th March 2012. This was the first casual co-working event in Horsham.

We had 12 people attend during the day, the venue was great, everyone was productive and there was lots of chat and laughs.

Subsequent meetings seemed to go well and the coworking days were a regular event for over four years.

Update October 2016

The Horsham Coworking days have been superseded by the start of our Horsham Coworking space. Here's how that came about.